Victorians are passionate about the environment and everyone has a role to play in conserving our biodiversity. 'Protecting Victoria’s Environment - Biodiversity 2037’ has multiple priorities including increasing the number of people who connect with, and act for nature. In late 2018 DELWP, in collaboration with BehaviourWorks Australia, conducted the first state-wide survey (the Victorians Value Nature Foundation Survey) to understand the Victorian public’s level of connection to nature, awareness of biodiversity and activity levels of pro-environmental behaviour. The survey also aimed to identify the barriers that people face connecting with nature and acting to protect it, so that we could address these barriers and support better targeted opportunities for people to connect with and act for nature.

We surveyed 3090 Victorians (aged 18 and above) from all walks of life across the State, and found:

  • 64% feel connected or very connected to nature
  • Women are more connected to nature than men
  • Older Victorians are more connected than younger people
  • 91% of parents believe it is important that their children spend time in nature.
  • 84% of respondents engage in key actions or behaviours that help to improve Victoria’s natural environment.

Victorians enjoying nature

Victorians connecting with the world diagram

Analysis of the data showed that people who are more connected with nature are also more likely to be active in looking after the environment. It was also clear that Victorians feel more strongly connected to unmodified nature (e.g. National Parks and beaches), but also feel very strongly connected to their own gardens.

The survey results highlighted the enormous number of people that do value nature and are already doing positive things to help look after it (e.g. responsible pet ownership and planting native species in gardens). The report also highlights many opportunities to increase the public’s knowledge and experience of nature to help us improve the outlook for our native plants and animals, and the health and wellbeing of people who enjoy it. The results guide our next steps to help Victorians increase both the frequency and number of actions that people do, and to help nature even more. This includes making opportunities for people to act for nature more visible, accessible and fun for all Victorians.

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