The 80+ research staff of the Institute have scientific and technical skills in terrestrial, freshwater and estuarine ecology. Staff have undertaken research and monitoring in natural and modified environments throughout Australia and are regularly involved in international projects. Staff have significant expertise in the ecology of wetlands, rivers, estuaries, forests, grasslands, deserts and alpine ecosystems.

For information on a research area, project or staff member, contact ARI on +613 9450 8600, or email:

For general enquiries on the Institute or environmental issues, contact the DELWP Customer Service Centre.

ARI is structured into 3 sections and 13 research programs that span freshwater, estuarine, marine and terrestrial environments. There are also two high level science quality and communication roles. Section managers, program managers and all research staff at ARI are listed below with their main areas of expertise, grouped according to terrestrial or aquatic ecological research. The Institute is also supported by a business and administration team.

Many others not listed here contribute to the work at ARI including short term staff, DELWP cadets, contractors, collaborators, students and volunteers. For more information about the Director, science quality and communication roles, and the section and business managers, see the About ARI page.

Director, Section and Business Managers & Program Leaders

Institute DirectorKim Lowe
Science Leadership and Capabilitycurrently vacant 
Science Manager - Collaboration and CommunicationFern Hames
Community Ecology SectionTim O'
Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Program Graeme Newell
Fire Ecology Program Josephine MacHunter
Vegetation Ecology and Threatened Flora Program Claire Moxham
Disturbance Ecology Program Arn Tolsma
Waterbirds and Wetlands Program Peter Menkhorst
Wildlife Ecology SectionLindy
Threatened Fauna Program Nick Clemann
Predator Management Program Alan Robley
Wildlife Management Program Dave Ramsey
Applied Aquatic Ecology SectionJarod
Aquatic Biodiversity and Conservation Program Tarmo Raadik
Riparian and Wetland Ecology Program Ashley
Aquatic Connectivity and Fish Passage Program Justin O'Connor justin.o'
Instream Habitat and Environmental Flows Program Zeb Tonkin
Population Processes Program John
Manager - Business and Administrative ServicesCorrinne
Manager - Planning, Strategy and ReportingSteve

Terrestrial ecology research scientists and technicians

Nevil AmosFauna Ecology, Fire ecology, Spatial Analysis, Landscape Genetics
Khorloo BatpurevPlant Ecology, Threatened Species and Communities, Ecological Modelling
Geoff Brown Fauna Ecology, Rural Landscapes, Woodlands, Threatened Species, Reptiles, Amphibians
Matt Bruce Fauna Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Fire Ecology, Threatened Species and Communities
Dave Bryant Fauna Ecology, Frog Habitat Recovery, Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology & Taxonomy
Amanda BushFauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Insectivorous Bat Surveys
Nick Clemann Fauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Reptiles, Amphibians
Jemma Cripps Fauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Native Herbivores, Human-Wildlife Interactions, Arboreal Mammals
Judy Downe Plant Ecology, Threatened Species, Vegetation Mapping
Mike Duncan Plant Ecology, Threatened Species, Orchids
Louise Durkin Fauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Fire Ecology, Arboreal Mammals, Turtles
Ben Fanson Statistical Analyses, Ecological Modelling, Nutritional Ecology
Brad Farmilo Plant Ecology, Vegetation Monitoring, Habitat Fragmentation
Lachlan FrancisPopulation Modelling, Invasive Species, Island Conservation
Andrew GeschkeLandscape Ecology, Fire Ecology, Science Communication, Photography and Media, Citizen Science
Peter GriffioenEcological Mapping and Statistics, Database and Software Development
Cindy HauserEcological Modelling, Decision Analysis, Survey Design
Geoff HeardFauna Ecology, Spatial and Quantitative Ecology, Wildlife Management, Herpetology
Tracey HollingsFauna Ecology, Ecological Modelling, Community Ecology, Threatened Species
Katie Howard Fauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Turtles, Reptiles, Survey Techniques
Sally Kenny Plant Ecology, Mallee Fire Ecology, Grazing, Vegetation Monitoring
Michele Kohout Plant Ecology, Wetlands, Salinity, Threatened Species
Canran Liu Quantitative Ecology, Ecological Modelling, Statistical Analysis
Lindy Lumsden Fauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Bats, Arboreal Mammals, Forest Ecology, Rural Landscapes
Phoebe Macak Fauna Ecology, Forests, Arboreal Mammals, Threatened Species, Survey Techniques
Josephine MacHunter Fauna Ecology, Fire Ecology, Forest Birds, Landscape Ecology
Peter Menkhorst Fauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Mammals, Birds
Paul Moloney Biometrics, Statistical Analysis, Experimental Design, Ecological Modelling
Claire Moxham Plant Ecology, Vegetation Monitoring, Rural Landscapes, Grasslands & Grassy Woodlands, Mallee
Annette Muir Plant Ecology, Flora Surveys, Fire Ecology
Jenny Nelson Fauna Ecology, Threatened Species, Forests, Quolls, Arboreal Mammals
Graeme Newell Vegetation Condition, Spatial Modelling, Climate Change, Macropods, Mammals
Tim O'BrienScience Management, Freshwater Fish Migration
Carlo Pacioni Population Genetics, Phylogeography, Population Modelling, Epidemiology
Dan Purdey Fauna Ecology, Animal Ethics, Invasive Species, Survey Techniques
Dave Ramsey Biometrics, Ecological Modelling, Wildlife Management
Tracey Regan Quantitative Ecology, Ecological Modelling, Decision Analysis
Alan Robley Fauna Ecology, Invasive Species, Foxes, Wild Dogs
Danny Rogers Fauna Ecology, Waterbird & Wetland Ecology, Shorebirds 
Michael Scroggie Fauna Ecology, Biometrics, Modelling, Amphibians
Steve Sinclair Plant Ecology, Spatial Analysis, Vegetation Mapping
Kasey Stamation Fauna Ecology, Waterbird Ecology, Database Management
Geoff Sutter Plant Ecology, Vegetation Mapping, Plant Identification, Survey Techniques
Jim Thomson Quantitative Ecology, Statistics, Spatial Modelling, Landscape & Freshwater Ecology
Arn Tolsma Plant Ecology, Alpine Ecology, Peatlands, Fire and Grazing, Box-Ironbark
Lily van EedenEnvironmental Social Science, Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management
Matt White Plant Ecology, Spatial Modelling, Climate Change
Luke Woodford Fauna Ecology, Invasive Species, Threatened Species, Innovative Technology, Survey Techniques

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Aquatic ecology research scientists and technicians

Frank Amtstaetter Fish Survey Techniques, Wetland Ecology
Renae Ayres Fish Ecology & Conservation, Invasive Species, Population Genetics
Pam Clunie Native Fish Ecology, Threatened Species
Gabriel CornellWetland Ecology, Habitat Rehabilitation, Invasive Species
Diane Crowther Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology, Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomy, Threatened Species
David Dawson Fish Survey Techniques, Fish Taxonomy
Pete Fairbrother Fish Survey Techniques, OH&S
Graeme Hackett Fish Survey Techniques
Rob HaleRestoration Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Riparian Ecology
Fern Hames Native Fish Ecology, Community Engagement
Annique HarrisFish Survey Techniques, Fish Aging, Invasive Species
Katherine Harrisson Molecular Ecology, Landscape Genetics, Conservation Genetics
Chris Jones Quantitative Vegetation Ecology, Riparian Ecosystems, Vegetation Monitoring
Matthew Jones Native Fish Ecology, Fish Movement, Invasive Species, Carp
Lauren JohnsonFish Survey Techniques, Threatened Fish Recovery
Adrian Kitchingman Spatial Analysis, GIS Applications, Database Systems
John Koehn Native Fish Ecology, Threatened Species, Invasive Species
Wayne Koster Native Fish Ecology, Environmental Flows
Jason Lieschke Native Fish Ecology
Jarod Lyon Native Fish Ecology, Threatened Species, Habitat Rehabilitation
John Mahoney Fish Survey Techniques, Fish Taxonomy
Bryan MoleVegetation Monitoring, Plant Taxonomy
Kay Morris Landscape Ecology, Aquatic Plant Ecology
Mike Nicol Innovative Technologies, Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology, Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomy
Justin O'Connor Native Fish Ecology, Threatened Species
Justin O'Mahony Native Fish Ecology, Innovative Technologies
Phil Papas Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology & Taxonomy, Wetland Ecology, Wetland Condition, Threatened Species
Andrew Pickworth Fish Survey Techniques, Equipment Maintenance, Electrofishing Technology
Tarmo Raadik Native Fish Ecology, Threatened Species, Fish Taxonomy, Decapod Taxonomy, Aquatic Fauna Distribution/Diversity, Invasive Species
Scott Raymond Native Fish Ecology, Habitat Rehabilitation
Joanne SharleyNative Fish Ecology, Threatened Species, Invasive Species
James ShelleyFish Ecology & Conservation, Molecular Ecology, Spatial Analysis
Ashley SparrowVegetation Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Soils and Geomorphology, Statistics, Socio-ecological Systems
Daniel Stoessel Native Fish Ecology, Threatened Species, Invasive Species, Carp, Trout, Fish Biology
Ivor StuartNative Fish Ecology, Murray-Darling Basin, Carp, Fish Passage
Charles Todd Modelling, Statistics, Risk Assessment
Zeb Tonkin Native Fish Ecology, Larval Fish Ecology
Lyndsey VivianRiparian Ecosystems, Vegetation Monitoring, Wetland Ecology
Jian YenQuantitative Ecology, Statistics, Population Ecology, Community Ecology

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