In Victoria, many agencies invest significant resources in river and riparian rehabilitation activities and research, as well as fish stocking and enforcement. These agencies need information on the status of native fish populations to inform management, policy and strategic research. Until recently, however, relevant data on key species has not been collected and/or shared in a way that agencies, recreational fishers and others interested in fish can easily obtain. To provide more accessible information on the current status of native fish in priority rivers, ‘report cards’ have been produced on selected target species; this includes those with high conservation and/or recreational value.

Australian Grayling

The Native Fish Report Cards are brief overviews of the health of target fish populations, which present survey summaries and three key indicators. These indicators are: evidence of recent recruitment to the population, presence of multiple size classes and presence of mature fish. Yearly fish surveys, conducted by ARI, record the numbers of fish caught, length and weight of the largest fish caught. Priority rivers and fish species were determined for each catchment management authority and the Melbourne Water region following extensive consultation. The report cards are updated each year.

Each report card also provides brief information regarding the fish community within the river. This includes the non-target fish species incidentally recorded during surveys, the suite of native and non-native species known from each river, as well as environmental conditions during surveys and relevant river rehabilitation efforts.

Native Fish Report Cards 2023:

Processing fish during a survey

Golden Perch

This project is a collaboration between DELWP, ARI, and the Victorian Fisheries Authority, in partnership with recreational fishing license holders. The Victorian Fisheries Authority also presents Native Fish Report Card results at their annual Murray Codferences.

The fact sheet below provides further details about data collection and interpretation for the report cards:

Boat electrofishing

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